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At the Schneider Law Firm, our team of skilled attorneys are dedicated to making a difference in your case that will also make a difference in your life. Let us represent you.

Criminal Defense

If you have been charged with a crime and there is a possibility of serious fines or even jail time, you need a team of criminal defense attorney that will fight for you.

Probation & Parole

If you or someone you love is being considered for parole or probation, having a Texas parole attorney represent you, can increase the chances of a positive outcome. Talk to the Schneider Law Firm to learn more.

Divorce Law

The Schneider Law Firm understands how important the outcome of a divorce will be to you and your family. If you need representation for your case, call us today.

Case Evaluation

We'll provide you with a free case evaluation and give you the information you need to determine what steps you want to take. Don't wait, call us today.